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In 1993, Frank opened a millwork company. The company designed and sold interior door and trim packages to custom home builders in the Chicagoland market. As the company grew, he began to design and provide Marvin windows and doors as well as cabinetry design, floors and hardware. Throughout his 18 year career in the millwork industry, Frank witnessed homeowners continue to get shortchanged by their builders because most builders would simply follow the architect’s plan in lieu of taking time to provide additional options to the homeowner to improve the project.

Most of the builders were just trying to get the job done as fast as possible. There were a handful of exceptional builders that Frank learned a lot from, but on the contrary there were many subpar builders that were involved in large projects and appeared to be in over their heads. Because Frank was so talented at design, he would naturally fill the void of these builders by creating unique interior designs.

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The Story Continues

After the housing market crash and new construction coming to a halt, the builders could no longer pay the bills for services provided by Frank’s millwork company. This led to the unfortunate closing of the company in 2010.

At this juncture, Frank used this as an opportunity to shift his focus toward a new career by becoming a custom home builder and designer. Over the years, Frank had acted as a contractor for new homes for his family and friends applying the knowledge he had learned throughout his millwork career. Frank soon discovered that he enjoyed all facets of bringing custom homes to life and he was great at it. The unfortunate circumstances of our economy allowed him to find his true passion.

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What this all means for you is one well-rounded builder. He had a rare opportunity to engage with a variety of builders from which he learned proven techniques in all facets of construction and design. This combined with his millwork experience has resulted in exquisite attention to detail that is second to none. Take advantage of the broad wealth of knowledge that Frank has obtained over his 24 year career in the custom home industry.

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