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It all begins with sitting down and getting to know you and what type of project you are interested in (new construction, remodel, addition, etc.). We want to understand how much due diligence you have done to date. We encourage you to meet with On Edge Design & Construction even before you choose an architect, if possible, so we can work hand in hand with them bringing you better overall results. It all starts with a good plan and the earlier communication we can have with your architect, the better. If you do not yet have an architect, we can offer suggestions based on your style.


Some of the topics for discussion will be – Do you have property or can we help you find the right parcel? Will this be a ranch or 2-story? Attached garage and/or detached garage? We will need to build an inventory of the rooms you would like in the home. What is your style? What do you picture the exterior to look like – stone, brick, stucco, cedar or a combination? These questions will set the tone as to the next steps.


Over the next few meetings, we will be asking a lot of questions to help better understand your family and how your family will function within your new space. This will also allow us to better understand your style and we will help you elaborate upon that style.


Once we have working drawings from the architect, this enables us to move into the next phase of design which would be cabinetry. We will bring in our cabinetry designer and begin cabinet design drawings. At this time, we will begin to select materials such as flooring, doors, trim as well as plumbing and lighting fixtures.


We will continue to guide you along with your architect and oversee all design meetings. We will handle and/or assist you with navigating through the municipality requirements and assist you in obtaining the appropriate permits.


After learning about you, we will develop a plan to interview architects together or meet with yours if you already have one. We will also work with you to develop a realistic budget.

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