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Custom Luxury Home Designs Make Your Dreams Reality

The beauty of the work On Edge Design has done over the years is that they are permanently on display as standing works of art in communities all over the Chicago area.

You don’t have to take our word for it. See the magnificence of the custom luxury home designs that came to life and remain as permanent structures that will last for decades to come. See our passion for design and the finest in custom luxury home building. Look at the craftsmanship, the expert use of space, the combination of colors, the addition of texture and depth.

The Possibilities are Endless 

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Pelagio Residence

Frank Lauria met the Pelagio family during a luxury home tour in 2009.  After seeing Frank’s work in many homes, they kept his contact information and reached out in 2011 when they were ready to start designing their custom home in Roselle, IL.

Frank Lauria introduced Vito Pelagio to the architect that he felt best fit their style.  They all worked together on the plans and design and here are the beautiful results.

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Meadows Residence

Frank Lauria met the Meadows family during the 2009 luxury home tour and shortly after, they reached out to Frank Lauria to discuss mill-work for their home in St Charles on the Fox River. These discussions became more in depth, and the Meadows ultimately gave Frank Lauria the opportunity to takeover the entire project.

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Wright Residence

This St Charles custom home that sits on Ferson Creek was built by Frank Lauria for his personal residence in 2005-2006. It took 11 months to complete not including the basement. In 2007, Frank Lauria sold the house to the Wright family. .

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Wright Residence Basement

When the Wright family purchased the home from Frank Lauria, they also hired him to finish the basement. They wanted a one-of-a-kind basement and that is exactly what On Edge Design & Construction delivered.

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Lauria Residence

This downtown St Charles beauty was designed by Frank Lauria for his family 2015-2016. The Lauria family wanted to be within walking distance of town but still have property sizable enough to accommodate outdoor living. He found a home for sale and the property that it sat on would work perfectly for this project. The Laurias purchased the property and knocked down the old existing structure replacing it with a new home that fits the in-town style of the existing neighborhood.

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Johnson Residence

The Johnson family requested a fully rebuilt home, from an elevated roof, fully revised floor, new siding, and a new garage. Frank Lauria transformed this small house into a beautifully renovated home, click the view project button to see the gallery photos available on this renovated home in St. Charles.

If you’re looking for a similar home renovation project for your residence, call Frank Lauria at 847.417.7145

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Shoener Residence

When Frank Lauria met the Schoeners, they communicated that they loved their existing home and location in St. Charles but wanted to change the look and style of the exterior. As you can see from the before and after photos here, a great vision can take an existing home and completely give it new life.

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