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Finished Projects

Experience for yourself the artistic design and functional yet elegant use of space. Every home that we build is truly one of a kind. The style and character of each home is an evolutionary process and our unparalleled design talent is what sets On Edge Design & Construction apart from other builders. There is no need to hire a separate interior designer or decorator as Creator Frank Lauria possesses an unmatched talent in all of these different areas.

As you look through our portfolio, keep an eye out for the unique intricacies that Frank Lauria has created with each project. When you walk into an On Edge Design & Construction home, you can feel the richness of the textures and colors resulting from Frank Lauria’s passion for design.


Build your dream home

Whether or not you have started the process by purchasing land or commissioning an architect, we can begin working together at any point; however for the best results, we have a consultation program to assist you in proper planning. After all, it starts with a good plan. On Edge Design & Construction can help you find the appropriate architect based on your style or the perfect property suitable for you.

Even if you are at the point that you have committed to another builder, please know that we also offer design consulting services and have successfully worked in tandem with other Contractors who may not be as strong in this area.

Let's Meet for Coffee.

Our Process

It all begins with sitting down and getting to know you, and what you want for your dream home design. Meet with On Edge Design even before you choose an architect, if possible, so you can have help in choosing the perfect person to bring the design to life.

From there, we will work hard to build a relationship that will naturally develop into the luxury home design that reflects your style, character, and serve your functional needs. Our proven process helps your dream become a reality as your home literally takes shape.

Let our passion take your dream to the edge, call 847.417.7145 to speak with Frank Lauria the creator, home builder, and lead designer.

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